Licensed INS, CBL , CCA, Retirement protection Specialist, LEGACY PLANNER

Have you 100% completed your Legacy plan?

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We ensure proper guidance with your CUSTOM Legacy plan allowing you to build assets without ANY risk!

We review your current plan/ identifying any wealth gaps

Create A custom protection plan

Build a secured guaranteed retirement account

Start a financial freedom plan

Generational Wealth Plan

A written funeral plan with your final wishes

Asset Protection

This program gives an understanding on what an asset is and how to best use it for financial longevity by using financial education. We will work with you to put protection protocols in place to protect your income and assets.

Generational Wealth & Estate Planning 

Clarify what you want your legacy to be. A financial freedom plan and or a generational wealth plan will give you peace of mind . Find your financial freedom date and how to transfer your wealth.

Secure Retirement Protection

Secure your retirement plan with knowing you will never loose another dollar. Know exactly what you will have for future income and guarantee it will last without sacrificing growth. We don't charge per hour, but we will guide you on how to protect what you’ve work so hard for. 

Why Choose Us?




  • Experience- we have put in thousands of hours learning high level financial vehicles and the best way to use them. We've worked with hundreds of clients protecting every dollar and every asset.
  • Customized approach-Legacy planners understand that each client situation is unique, and we work with you to develop a personalized plan that meets your needs and goals
  • Peace of mind - you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets and estate will be taken care of according to your wishes
  • Tax friendly - A legacy planner can help you take advantage of tax saving strategies that can help you maximize your wealth and minimize your tax liability
  • Family Harmony - A well crafted legacy plan can help prevent conflicts and disputes among family members, ensuring that your legacy is passed down smoothly and respectfully

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Business Benefits - Contingency planning

We Are Financial Planner Guidance and Legacy

Legacy Planning- Generational Wealth

& Household Income Protection


Licensed INS, CBL , CCA, Retirement protection Specialist, LEGACY PLANNER


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